ZENSAH Calf Shin Splint Compression Sleeves Pink

ZENSAH Calf Shin Splint Compression Sleeves Pink Image

Zensah Calf Shin Splint Compression Sleeves Pink "Sold By The Pair"


BRAND: zensah

MODEL: calf shin splint compression sleeves

COLOR: pink

PROVIDES: calf support + muscle stabilization

RELIEVES: shin splints

DECREASES: fatigue

IMPROVES: circulation

SPORT: tennis + running

UNITS IN PACK: sold by the pair

MSRP: $42.99

ZENSAH CALF SHIN SPLINT COMPRESSION SLEEVES: The Zensah Compression Sleeves may be used by tennis players both while playing and afterwards for recovery. Using them on the court helps provide calf support, relieve shin splints, decrease fatigue, improve circulation, and provide muscle stabilization. This helps ensure you play at your best during every set. The compression leg sleeves may be used after play to help with recovery, as they improve blood circulation, thus providing the muscles in the lower legs with more of the oxygenated blood they need to recover. Faster recovery means tennis players are able to get back on the court faster with their legs feeling great.

List Price:$42.99
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